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Mandarin programs blossom in N.J. schools


MARLBORO — More than 400 braved the slush and snow Saturday to gather at Marlboro High School for an afternoon of folk music, traditional dance and fellowship at Huaxia Chinese school’s Chinese New Year celebration.

The school annually puts on the show: Students perform the upbeat traditional dance of China’s Jing people, practice kung fu for the crowd, show off the red paper lanterns they craft themselves, and showcase their knowledge of Mandarin, much of which they’ve picked up here at Huaxia.

“It’s like Christmastime for us,” said Huimin Shen, Huaxia spokeswoman and a native of Wujiang, China. “Many of us don’t have a lot of family members here, so it’s nice to get together with friends. It’s a fresh start, a new year, new plans.”