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Mandarin Chinese tutor in the Los Angeles area



Seeking a qualified, high energy, fun, Mandarin Chinese tutor in
the Los Angeles area for a 4 year-old non-native Chinese speaker,
who has been taking Chinese lessons 3 times a week since November,
08. She is now able to communicate simple words in Chinese
including numbers, colors, shapes, fruits, body parts, actions,
weather, animals, food, simple greetings and sing songs. As a four
year old girl, she needs variety activities to maintain her

As her former teacher, I haven’t taught her much
writing, but you can certainly introduce it to her gradually. She
is learning Chinese from a native of Taiwan. I will be more than
happy to talk to you and provide you with more information.

If interested, please contact t Tara Pierce (  and Mimi Chiu ( with a cover letter and resume.