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The 5th International Conference on Chinese as a Second Language Research
Short Title: CASLAR-5 
June 14-16, 2018
The University of Hong Kong, HK 
Call for Papers
You are cordially invited to take part in the 5th International Conference on Chinese as a Second Language Research (the CASLAR-5) which will be held from 14 to 16 June 2018 at the University of Hong Kong.  CASLAR is a biennial conference with the goal to bring together scholars from all over the world whose research focuses on the acquisition, development and use of Chinese as a second language to survey available knowledge in the field, exchange ideas and initiate research projects. It aims to transform a field from a primarily experience- and practice-based discipline into one based on and supported by research and theory. The previous CASLAR conferences were held at Zhejiang, Taipei, Italy and Shanghai respectively. The upcoming conference which is co-organized by the CASLAR Association, the PoCSL Project, and the CACLER will be held at HKU in June 2018. 
Confirmed Keynote Speakers
Professor Jenn-Yeu Chen, Director of the Language, Culture and Cognition Laboratory (LCC Lab), Department of Chinese as a Second Language at National Taiwan Normal University

Professor Claire Saillard, Université Paris-Diderot, France

Professor Joe Winston, Centre for Education Studies, University of Warwick, UK  

CASLAR-5 invites proposals for presentations that are related to research and theory in any area of Chinese as a Second Language (CSL). Those wishing to participate should prepare abstracts written in English or Chinese. Abstract length: Maximum 350 words (or about 600 traditional or simplified Chinese characters) with title and keywords (A4 or Letter size, 12 points and single-spaced). The abstract should summarize the purpose of the study, methods, main results, and implications (if relevant). Below there are some suggested categories for topics, though submissions need not be limited to these areas.

Suggested Topic Areas:

l   Acquisition and development of CSL (Chinese as a Second Language) l   Role of culture in the acquisition of CSL l   Research-based language teaching methodology for Chinese as a second / foreign language l   Pragmatics of using Chinese as a second language l   Cognitive aspects of CSL acquisition l   Distance learning in CSL l  Technology and CSL l   Computer-mediated communication in CSL l   Acquisition of Chinese grammar and vocabulary l   Chinese character acquisition and recognitionl   Acquisition of prosody in CSL l   Discourse in CSL l   Designing materials for CSL instruction l   Conceptual socialization in the process of developing CSL l  Application of linguistic theories to Chinese L2 data l   Motivation to learn Chinese l   Effect of CSL on L1 l   Assessment of proficiency in CSL

Abstract Submission Deadline: Extended to 20 December 2017 
Submissions of abstracts should be made via our 
online submission system no later than 20 December 2017.
Please make sure the information of (1) Name(s) of author(s)/presenter(s); (2) E-mail of corresponding author; (3) Your name, affiliation, and title; (4) Abstract (5) with not more than five keywords is included in the MS Word / PDF file when you submit your abstract to the online system.


Supporting the Learning and Teaching of Chinese language for Non-Chinese Speaking Students in Secondary Schools (2016- 2018) (PoCSL), sponsored by Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR), Hong Kong SAR       
Centre for Advancement of Chinese Language Education and Research (CACLER), The University of Hong Kong        
Chinese as a Second Language Research (CASLAR) Association, New York, USA 
Conference Co-chairs:
Professor Shek-kam Tse, Founder of Centre for Advancement of Chinese Language Education and Research, HKU. 
Distinguished Professor Istvan Kecskes, Chairman of CASLAR, Editor-in-Chief of Intercultural Pragmatics and the CASLAR journal, State University of New York, Albany, USA. 
For details of the conference, please visit our conference website: 
Enquiries: / 3917 1519 
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