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Chinese teacher at Diamond Ranch High School



Required attachments: Resume; Appropriate California Single Subject: Foreign Language (Chinese) Credential; CBEST Verification of Passing Card (a copy of number scores are not acceptable, a copy of the passing card is required); Transcripts w/ bachelor degree posted (a copy of your diploma or transcripts of postgraduate degrees are not acceptable, transcripts w/ your bachelor’s degree noted and a complete listing of classes taken are required); Verification of passing CSET, RICA, SSAT and/or MSAT (if applicable); NCLB Certificate (if previously employed as a teacher); 3 letters of recommendation (must be dated within the past 3 years); 1 Current Principal, Assistant Principal or Administrator reference letter or evaluation with contact information (if applicable). PLEASE NOTE THAT OMITTING ONE OR MORE OF THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED MAY RESULT IN YOUR APPLICATION BEING REMOVED FROM CONSIDERATION.

Minimum Qualifications 1.Appropriate California Teaching Credential (Preliminary/Clear) or letter from a college or a university verifying Preliminary acceptance in a CTC approved Teacher Internship Program. 2. Must possess EL authorization, BCC/BCLAD certification (Bilingual Crosscultural Language Academic Development), or other EL authorization. 3. Ability to work effectively in a multiethnic setting. 4. Ability to use Technology and provide computer-assisted instruction and E-Learning. 5. Previous experience teaching Chinese or Chinese related subjects.

Desirable Qualifications: 1. Successful teaching experience at the secondary level in Chinese. 2. Experience in classroom cooperative learning. 3. Recent experience in developing foreign language curriculum. 4. Native Chinese speaker or demonstrated native fluency. 5. Willingness and interest in planning and participating in curricular and extracurricular activities for high school student.