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1st Grade Chinese Immersion Classroom Teacher at Cambridge, MA


The JK/K Chinese Immersion Classroom Teacher will report to the principal, and the Chinese immersion coordinator, and is expected to work closely with professional and paraprofessional staff in the planning and implementation of high quality instruction for a diverse group of learners. It is expected that the teacher will be

  • experienced in providing content-based in Chinese language and culture and English literacy instruction to American public school students in 1st grade,
  • a stronger believer in working with students from diverse background to attain academic excellence using Mandarin Chinese and English, exclusively, as the learning medium,
  • exposed to balanced literacy program under the Literacy Collaborative framework,
  • knowledgeable in the investigative approach to teaching mathematics through the TERC Investigations curriculum,
  • open to work collaboratively with the K-2 teaching cluster and work closely with the program coordinator,
  • a devotee for lifelong learning and a motivated learner by participating in on-going in-school and out-of-school professional development opportunities,
  • willing to apply instructional technologies into daily teaching and professional development activities,
  • able to incorporate a variety of assessment strategies including district wide and formative assessments in order to inform and modify instruction as well as target interventions and enrichment needs.
  • maintaining continual communication with parents/guardians regarding each student’s social, emotional and academic growth responsible for the supervision,
  • evaluation and planning of assignments for any teacher assistant or volunteer working within the classroom,
  • and fully committed to continuous learning, improving, reflecting, and working together as a community to ensure that all students achieve at high level.

Minimum Requirements:
The ideal candidate will be a native speaker of Mandarin Chinese from mainland China or Taiwan who has native-like fluency in English and knowledgeable about American urban public schools. The candidate must hold at least a Bachelor’s degree or the equivalent in ESL, English, Linguistics/SLA Pedagogy, Teaching/Education or an arguably related field. We encourage English mother tongue candidates with near-native Mandarin abilities to apply, so long as the candidate is experienced and has a proven track record of teaching excellence in a teaching Mandarin as a second language. Candidates with knowledge of both standard and simplified writing systems are preferred. Superb knowledge in applying Massachusetts state frameworks, Common Core Standards, ACTFL standards, and language immersion instructional approach. Familiarity with computers and expertise in the use of technology to enhance Second Language instruction is also preferred. Licensure requirements include:

Massachusetts elementary teaching licensure JK-2, 1-6, licensure via portfolio, or other method of state recognized licensure path required,
Massachusetts elementary teaching licensure for foreign language in Mandarin required,
Bachelor’s Degree, Master Degree Preferred,
Minimum three years of teaching experience in American school setting.

Highly Competitive.

Application Procedure:
To apply, submit your application on-line via our website by clicking on Employment Opportunities.

Questions? Contact:
Gerald Yung, School Principal,