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Seeking Mandarin teachers at Francis Scott Key Elementary School, San Francisco


We are enthusiastically trying to restructure our
Mandarin After School program here at Francis Scott Key
Elementary School in San Francisco.  Located at 1530 43rd Avenue, cross
street Lawton, the facilities are clean and accommodating.  The
students, aged kindergarten
through fifth grade, are warm and inviting.

We need at least one beginning level teacher and one
intermediate level teacher of Mandarin (speaking and
writing).  Class would be Monday through Thursday, 2-3 pm.  Pay rate is
between approximately $50 an hour, depending on enrollment.

If you would be interested in teaching Chinese, feel
free to give us a call!

Diane Lau-Yee, F.S. Key teacher and parent
(w) (415) 759-2811 Mon.-Fri. after 2 pm.