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Grabe(2004)提出了十個建議 (implications for reading instruction from reading research):

  1. 認字的流利度 (ensure fluency in word recognition)
  2. 詞彙學習:電子字典、多媒體詞彙索引 (emphasize the learning of vocabulary: Electronic dictionaries, Multimedia glossing)
  3. 激發背景知識 (activate background knowledge)
  4. 確保習得語言學知識與一般理解 (ensure acquisition of linguistic knowledge and general comprehension skills)
  5. 教導辨識結構與言語行為組織 (teach recognition of text structures and discourse organization)
  6. 促進策略發展而非機械式策略教導 (promote development of strategic readers rather than mechanical application of strategy checklists)
  7. 促進泛讀 (promote extensive reading)
  8. 建立閱讀流利度與rate (build reading fluency and rate)
  9. 發展內在閱讀動機 (develop intrinsic motivation for reading)
  10. 提供連貫的課程給學生學習 (contribute to a coherent curriculum for student learning)

Grabe, W. (2004). Research on teaching reading. Annual Review of Applied Linguistics, 24, 44-69.