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Day and Bamford's (2002) 針對教大量閱讀提出了十項重要的原則 (top ten principles for teaching extensive reading)

  1. 閱讀材料要簡單 (the reading material is easy)
  2. 閱讀材料包含大量不同主題 (a variety of reading material on a wide range of topics must be available)
  3. 學習者選擇他們想讀的 (learners choose what they want to read)
  4. 學習者儘可能多讀 (learners read as much as possible)
  5. 閱讀的目的與有趣、資料與一般理解 (the purpose of reading is usually related to pleasure, information and general understanding)
  6. 閱讀本身即為收穫 (reading is its own reward)
  7. 閱讀速度要快 (reading speed is usually faster rather than slower)
  8. 閱讀是個人且安靜的 (reading is individual and silent)
  9. 老師指導學生 (teachers orient and guide their students)
  10. 老師是閱讀者的典型 (the teacher is a role model of a reader)

Day, R., & Bamford, J. (2002). Top ten principles for teaching extensive reading. Reading in a Foreign Language, 14 (2), 1-6.