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Summer Language Director at the Middlebury Monterey Language Academy



Language Directors are a part of a community that creates an intensive four-week immersion program for middle and high school students each summer. Located on several college campuses, MMLA offers students the opportunity to study Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, French, German or Spanish with skilled language educators. The Language Director is a senior administrator that works in close consultation with the Site Manager to implement and appropriately adapt the MMLA curriculum, guidelines, and policies. The LD leads a team of experienced educators and the Residential Advisor to create a unique immersion academic program. The Language Director will report to the Site Manager.
The Language Director is charged with creating a positive learning environment that is diverse in activities and experiences. The LD is in charge of all programmatic events that occur in his/her academy. The LD is an enthusiastic and supportive individual who can appropriately task his/her team to plan and implement academic and non-academic daily activities for students. He/she is proactive, troubleshooting and working well with others to solve problems, with the goal of maintaining a high quality summer language program. The LD ensures that their language team is following MMLA curriculum, policies and guidelines.
Specific pre-season responsibilities include: 
- Required participation in the March Administrators Meeting
- Assistance in Recruiting Students
- Review resumes, interview, and recommend new language teachers and residential advisors (the MMLA office hires qualified returning staff members)
- Review and become familiar with MMLA curriculum 
- Review previous year’s evaluations and results 
- Moderate two pre-summer on-line discussions with Language Faculty and Residential Advisor 
- Review and approve draft afternoon activity and evening assembly calendars, field trips, and language specific space-use plans 
- In coordination with Site Managers, assign language teachers to teaching levels and electives 
- In coordination with Site Managers, approve and/or facilitate the scheduling of speakers and performers
- Review pre-placement forms and make preliminary placement decisions 
Specific summer responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
- Work in close cooperation with the Assistant Language Director, and other administrators, to ensure the success of all aspects of that particular academy
- Supervise faculty and staff in specific language academy
- Ensure the quality of the academic program
- Lead daily faculty meetings 
- Ensure that afternoon activity and evening assembly plans are carried out effectively
- Lead orientation training for all academic matters within their language 
- Handle all disciplinary actions in areas related to academics, such as violations of the language pledge or academic dishonesty; keeping the DRL informed of actions and decisions
- Communicate with parents concerning academic matters
- Ensure that quality student reports are being written and that deadlines are kept
- Works closely with Site Manager on operating within Academy budget

Command a high degree of spoken and written proficiency in Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, French, German or Spanish; extensive experience working with middle or high school students; leadership experience. This is a residential position. All employees will be provided room and board. All employees pay for their travel to and from program locations. Housing is not provided for family members.
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Application deadline: March 30th

Please contact Michelle Davis at 1-802-443-3072 for inquiries.



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