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Chinese Bilingual Teacher Education Program at Loyola Marymount University

這是洛杉磯的一所大學所開辦的師訓班,除了可取得加州的credential program證書以外,還可以拿碩士學位。目前上面的說明是可獲得學費減免一半,不過上面沒有清楚地說明這個program要唸多久。想在加州當老師,可以參考參考。



The Chinese Bilingual Teacher Education (CBTE) program
prepares qualified Mandarin teachers to teach in both Chinese and English in
K-12 bilingual immersion or foreign language classrooms. Successful
graduates will complete a “3-in-1” program: a Single or Multiple Subject Teaching
Credential, a Master of Arts degree
in Bilingual Elementary or Secondary Education and a Mandarin BCLAD Authorization.

Applicants admitted into the program will become part of a
cohort (no larger than 20), in which students will work toward the 2-year “3-in-1”
program. During the second year of
the program, students who successfully complete the coursework will be assigned
to local
elementary or secondary schools
for the student-teaching experience or for an internship.
program meets the California
teaching requirements
through a research-based curriculum delivered by expert faculty. Small class
sizes, along with the support and guidance from the faculty, administrators and
staff, will ultimately lead to the certification of Chinese teachers eligible to
teach at any elementary or secondary school in California and in many other

Summer Institute



The first cohort will begin in Summer 2008 (June 30 - August 8). Twenty Chinese-proficient candidates will take
the first two pre-service credential courses. As a result of the StarTalk grant, scholarships will
be offered to cover 50% of the summer tuition (up to $2500). The program will
also provide for the costs of  CSET and
CBEST tests (up to $250). Students who successfully complete the summer program
and pass CSET and CBEST will continue in the combined “3-in-1” program. To
participate in this program, applicants must first be accepted to the LMU School
of Education. Click here for the
LMU Graduate School Application.

Applications for the first cohort of 20 students will be admitted soon; please apply as early as possible for the May 15th priority admissions deadline!

For more information, contact:


Prof. Terry (Zhilong) Qian
Coordinator, Chinese Bilingual Teacher Education Program
Tel: 310-258-5472

Fax: 310-338-1976



你好, 以我的了解, 在公立學校教中文只需要州立教師認證, 對不對? 請問為什麼這個program又再加offer碩士學位呢? 同時擁有這兩個執照有什麼好處? 是不是有了碩士學位, 也可以在加州的大學教書呢? 還是需要博士學位才可以? 謝謝~

你說的沒錯,只要有州立教師認證,就可以在高中教書。同時提供碩士學位,是為了增加個人的競爭力,而且讓課程更加連貫。一般來說,credential program大概9個月,再加上碩士一共15個月。多加了半年,薪水跟競爭力都能得到提昇。


嗯 了解了 很謝謝你的回答 :)