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Panama City Renaissance School


Elementary School Teacher:  Assignment begins in August 2008.  Private,
accelerated academics, language immersion elementary school.  All classes
taught by immersion (no English is used in the classroom). Applicants must
have native fluency in Mandarin Chinese (simplified character set), the
equivalent of a BA degree, at least two years of teaching experience and a
minimum of 100 hours of paid or volunteer work experience with early
elementary aged children.  The educator will teach language arts, science,
math and geography.  A teaching degree is not required.  The job requires
excellent written and oral communication skills. Strong math and science
skills desired (the children begin learning Algebra in Kindergarten).
Permission to work in the US required.

Compensation package:  DOE and background.  $36,600 - $65,400 (cost of
living adjusted equivalent in New York City approximately $78,800 -

Location:  Beautiful Panama City, FL.  Located on the Gulf of Mexico

Please submit resume and cover letter to:  Juliann Talkington,

Panama City Renaissance School
PO Box 174
Panama City, FL  32402